LED-valoketju 15 tähteä 1.25m

€34,95 EUR

2-5 päivän toimitusaika

päivän palautusoikeus

yhteyttä: info@led-nordic.com


Elegant and decorative light chain with hanging stars and battery power. The light chain consists of a narrow wire from which 15 wires of varying lengths, each ending with stars, hang down.

  • A delicate and cozy light chain with stars - perfect for Christmas coziness.
  • The light chain with stars is intended for indoor use.
  • Flexible battery-powered LED light chain.
  • A decorative and inviting light chain with 15 star-shaped lights.

Let the light chain with stars beautifully illuminate your windows in the cold and dark Christmas season, so both you and your neighbors can enjoy the cozy lighting.

The LED light chain is delivered in recyclable packaging, just like all our other LED candles and lamps.